Monday, 27 August 2012

We're Back!

Yes after over 18 months without a post we are reinvigorating the blog again. Thanks to everyone who asked about the blog and to those who have encouraged its return.

A lot has happened in the last 18 months. Firstly Kel has left Rural Chaplaincy and gone to a ministry in Bridgewater, Tasmania. He is engaged in some parish work and is also managing a community centre in a very tough part of Hobart. Right up his alley.

That left me on my own for a while but now I've been joined by Sue Chapman, Associate Rural Chaplain. Sue works with me one day a week and does a lot of the writing tasks for me (whew). You'll see a bit of Sue's work  on this blog.

I'm still here in Hillston and still very much enjoying the job and life in this small country town whenI'm here. The lay-lead church here goes from strength to strength and kayaking on the Lachlan is still one of my passions. And why wouldn't it be with such a gorgeous river:

 I've tried to link this to various sites so you can either read this at the blog or the Rural Chaplain facebook page.Looking forward to getting all your comments and thoughts.

Cheers Julie


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