Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Over the last few months an initiative by Rural and Remote Mental Health and the Sydney Theatre Company has been touring the west in the form of a play called "Burnt".

Burnt highlights the issues of what the stress of drought may cause in the lives of rural people.

The play did not pull any punches as mental health, suicide, substance abuse and relationship issues were exposed in the play. This may seem a bit dark however I felt the play was tempered with good humor as the caricatures of rural people carried the plot well.

The quality of the performances by the the three actors, who each played multiple roles, was excellent. The play went for approximately ninety minutes and it seemed half that time.

I was fortunate to view the play at the Prince of Wales Opera House in Gulgong. This venue really lent itself to the performance as we were very close to the action and the acoustics were great.

Well done to everybody!

Kel Hodge


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